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Back in 1999 Irregular Choice was born! Watch the video below to see Dan Sullivan, the man behind the brand, talk about the first 20 years and what it meant to us! ⁠

To commemorate our 20th anniversary we conjured up some magical limited edition goodies! Take a look below!

These very special products feature our favourite seasonal characters, including the adorable 'Kissing Couple' which was created to celebrate the wedding of Dan and Olivia in the year of their marriage!

The 'Bon Anniversaire' Silk Scarf is the ultimate in Irregular Choice luxury! Featuring the beautiful 20th Anniversary print, this sumptuous Limited Edition 100% silk scarf comes complete with a special presentation box!

The gorgeous 20th Anniversary Hot Air Balloon Bag will have you floating in the clouds with Irregular Choice nostalgia! This beauty features gorgeous applique, iconic prints and the cutest little basket detail!

This special bag features the magical 20th Anniversary print and a cute detachable fabric accessory!

'Bon Anniversaire' bag

Let's see what the next 20 years of Irregular Choice brings!


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