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Your big day approaching? Need a helping hand to find the perfect shoe? Read our guide below and take one step closer to walking down the aisle in your dream shoes!

Find your Irregular wedding aesthetic!

Here at ‘Irregular Choice’ we know our fans love all things quirky, colourful and bold and naturally your wedding will be just as individual and fabulous as you! When you start thinking about wedding shoes you will most likely have an idea of what theme or aesthetic you would like for your big day. You might have a carnival wedding and want a pair of sparkling shoes with flashing lights. Maybe you’re having a vintage marquee wedding and want a cute pair of booties or Mary Jane style shoes to go with your tea dress? Once you've got your theme in mind - it's time to start exploring! We've got a shoe for every bride!


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Which one came first? The outfit or the shoes?

The age old question - dress or shoes first? Of course, it depends on what is more important to you! Some people know exactly which shoes they want for their big day and their outfit is going to have to work with them.

However, if you are one of those fans who just knows they want a pair of fabulous IC shoes but aren't sure which ones, getting an idea of how you want to look on your big day will help. Whether it’s a tea dress, a jumpsuit, a billowing tulle ballgown – we’ve got your back!

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You can wear a rainbow!

Who said brides have to wear white? Certainly not us!! We love a fun and colourful wedding shoe. A splash of colour is a great way of bringing your bedazzling personality to your outfit or just making your look a real show stopper. Our block mid heel Spoilt Rotten shoes would look beautiful with a vintage 60s dress, or if you’re after a statement style maybe our Mr & Mrs character heels or Pedalo Date swan wedge heels will catch your eye.

But saying that, there is something very demure and magical about a pretty white shoe. You can live the full princess fantasy in our sparkly bestselling Nick Of Time bridal heel or have an all-day shin-dig in our gorgeous Victoriana styled Abigail’s Party boots.

Practically perfect shoes!

As hard as it can be, sometimes we have to think practically about our shoes (only every now and then). Wedding days can be long and sometimes the idea of walking and dancing in stilettos is just too much of a scary thought. But not to worry, help is a-foot! A trusty mid-heel is a great way to still have heels but feel more study when spending the day on your feet.

Whether you are a heels or flats fan, we have lots of choice. Maybe even go all out with a bold character heel for a statement look.

Top Tip!! Don’t forget to also have some emergency care for your feet on your big day. Something as simple as some gel cushions or insoles can make or break a comfortable day in heels.


Location! Location! Location!

Now some may think this is a silly idea but where you're getting married does affect your choice in shoes, a pair of stilettos may not be the best choice if you’re planning to wed on a sandy beach, lest you get stuck in the sand!

Don’t be late for your very important date!

Finally, our last super important tip for all wedding planning, not just your shoes, is to not leave it too late! There are so many factors to take in, for example do they definitely go with your outfit in regards to colour and style? Does your dress length need to be altered due to the heel height? Or do the shoes simply need breaking in with some fluffy socks a week or two before the wedding? It just makes your pre-wedding time so much calmer and more relaxing if wedding bits and bobs are sorted before the last month or two of your big day. No one wants to send Auntie Susan running around the house searching for insoles on the morning of the big day!

 Give yourself at least a few weeks to try the shoes on, have a think and if they aren't THE ONE - you've still got time to try something new! (Psssst... we have a standard 14 day return period! So you've always got a little time to rethink!)

You can check out our classic bridal styles here, but don't forget the bridesmaid's shoes or the best footwear for the mother of the bride!

And that's it! Got any questions? Let us know in the comments or get in contact with us!


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