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Spring has sprung and the wedding season is blossoming! If you're looking for styles to walk down the aisle in then look no further because your sole-mate is here!

From white glitter to vintage-inspired lace, Irregular Choice is renowned for the uniqueness and wow-power we bring to shoes, which makes us + wedding shoes a match made in heaven!

'We're gathered here today' to bring you the perfect spring wedding shoes, to make you feel magical from head to toe.

Carriage Ride
Capture the moment the confetti is thrown in these beautifully details mid heels encased in pretty white petals. The cute T-bar strap will be your best friend when the first dance is announced, keeping your newlywedded feet secure as you spin.

Comfort meets class in these statement flower mini-heels. A cute circular heel meets a lace covered shoe, with subtle glints of glitter below.

To Us
Your 'something blue' couldn't be prettier than in the form of the tiny heart-shaped trinkets adorning this stylish shoe. Tie the knot in style with the velvet tie across the toe.

Flutter like a butterfly into your future in 'Papillon', a style as eye-catching as it's namesake. Walk down the aisle with a sparkle in your step and treasure these beauties as a memory of your special day.

*Dress by Hope and Harlequin

If the sole-mate you're looking for is a slipper style, step into these sparkling sweet Sulu and never look back.

A day you will never forget, and a style you'll never regret! It includes a cute ankle strap that gives you the princess-style ankle you deserve!

The classics

Nick of Time
A timeless bridal classic in white glitter, a style fit for a fairytale wedding.

Abigails Party
As graceful as it is detailed, Abigails Party is truly the most exquisite bootie, adding beautiful vintage vibes to your wedding look.

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