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We love to share the wonderful stories of how Irregular Choice fans discovered the world of Irregular Choice and what made them fall in love with the brand.

Gemma's Story


I remember seeing a pair of pink poodle print mary-janes in Schuh, (a UK high street Irregular Choice stockist), you couldn't help but notice them as they were so unlike anything else at that time. They were elaborate and frilly, when minimalist and boxy was "in"; I thought they were absolutely beautiful! There was so much to look at on them, with colourful insoles and painted soles, then I turned them around and noticed embroidered steaming poo on the back... I thought it was absolutely hilarious and was hooked after that! Taking what looked like an overly pretty shoe and potentially 'ruining' it with the addition of toilet humour, took courage and that's part of what's kept me loyal to Irregular Choice. I've always liked the unconventional, and IC excel at that, they aren't afraid to push the boundaries and have fun.  They always take it a step further with a "more is more" approach, clashing prints and patterns or adding in another trim, but somehow it still just works. IC manage to give you the unexpected and have a knack of making something which, on paper may seem totally unappealing, in reality is completely desirable - I never expected to fall in love with gnome heels!

The introduction of the character heels years ago really blew me away. I couldn't believe that such out of this world creations could be made at an affordable price, and that they would be wearable whilst looking like art. We've since had music and sounds, flashing lights and twirling ballerinas added to their designs, becoming more and more ambitious each time and making the seemingly impossible, possible. I still pinch myself that they really exist and I own them! Wearing and looking at my collection makes me so happy, because they are such bold and cheerful creations and absolutely full of character. I love the reaction they create too (people can't help but comment when you're wearing IC) and if the general consensus is either confusion or disapproval, then I figure I (and IC) are doing it right! I'm not looking for conventional, I want the unexpected and unique. The brand have never remained stagnant, there's constantly fresh and innovative ideas, so I'm always so excited to see what I'll fall in love with next.

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