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The ultimate guide to finding the perfect shoe for you!


If you’re not one for skyscraper heels, then some fabulous flats are what you need. Flats are perfect for everyday wear and are super versatile!

We have a huge range of flat styles, something for every occasion. From lovely lace-up brogues to cute little embroidered ballet pumps and sassy, pointy numbers!

Remember don't assume that ‘flat’ equals ‘comfortable’, it’s not always the case. Depending on your foot shape, you may find particular types of flats aren't suited to you for example, points aren't for everyone and a short heel may suit your foot better.

Popular styles in this height: Smooth Moves & Sulu


Sneaker styles are for all day, every day wear when you're active and on the go. But comfy and casual doesn't need to be boring! At Irregular Choice we make sure that is never the case.

Trainers come in many different styles, high tops, plimsolls, slip on's, lace ups and flatforms all of which are available in Irregular Choice stores!

Trainers are conventionally worn with jeans and shorts but of course here at Irregular Choice we love to be different and we think trainers can look just as lovely with some frilly socks and a cute little dress!

We recommend: Candy Damsel & Big Bolt

Kitten Heels!

Need a little lift? A kitten heel may be perrrrrr-fect for you!

With a heel measuring just 4 cm (1.5 inches) you can be sure these shoes will carry you through from day to night. Like flats, these cuties are super versatile. They look great with dresses and skirts when you want a more styled look, or they're great for adding a bit of a lift to a pair of jeans or trousers.

Popular styles in this height: Daisy Dayz

Mid Heels

A classic heel height that most can master! This 6cm to 7.5cm (2 to 3 inch) heel height provides you with a lift whilst still allowing you a spring in your step.

The majority of our mids have a slightly chunky heel so you can rely on them to give you the support and stability you need. Our mid heels sell out, time and time again and are a proven favourite with Irregular Choice fans.

These wearable styles are perfect for anything from the office to nights out and formal events or when you are just wanting to feel fabulous and on top of the world. Plus with so many colours and styles to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice.

Popular styles in this height: Ban Joe, Lazy River, Dazzle Razzle


Wedges are a summer must have and look fantastic with a full-length skirt or maxi dress. But don't hold back, you can also pair your wedges with some jeans. Wedges and skinny jeans look super stylish or try a pair of flares to play with a 70's hippie look.

Wedge heels are easier to walk in, comfortable to wear and a great alternative to a stiletto style heel. They come in a range of different designs from open toe to strappy and closed toe.

We'd recommend trying a wedge for the beach or garden parties as a wedge heel won't sink into the ground like a thin heel sometimes does.

Have a look at Bahama Mama & Charmed Life

Pumps / High Heels

As well as looking stunning, a heel is all about making your legs look longer, improving your posture and increasing your confidence.

Ranging in heights from 8cm to 11cm (3.5inches to 5 inches) and thicknesses we strive to make a variety of shapes and sizes to suit everyone's taste.

Whist most of us keep high heels for a special occasion, there are the awe inspiring group of you out there who strut your stuff in heels all day, every day and we bow down to you!

Events, evenings out, weddings and parties are the perfect opportunity to rock your favourite heels. With so many colours, styles and patterns to choose from there is something to match every outfit from a sassy rockabilly swing dress, to a stunning vintage wedding dress or even just a fab pair of jeans and a pretty top. The possibilities are endless.

We recommend: Ascot, Make My Day, Maiow.

Need a bit of extra support? Try an enclosed shoe boot, t-bar or strap style which will keep your foot nice and secure.

We recommend Abigails Party & The Right Stripe.

Skyscraper heels and Stilletos

We even have something for the fierce who dare to go higher.

WARNING These shoes are not for the feint hearted. But there are cheats to help you raise up without discomfort. Pad the balls of your feet with an IC Insole this extra cushioning will keep your feet happier for longer. Choose a heel with a platform. Shoes with a platform have extra height but more of a gradual slope compared to their non-platform counterparts. We recommend Flaming June.

No shoe collection would be complete without a set of signature stiletto heels. They may not be the most practical of styles but they sure are sexy and guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. It's fun to be bold. We recommend Tease when you're out there to WOW.

We recommend Loren Love, Rosie, May Meadow

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